Sunday, September 12, 2010

NHRC intervention helps an employee of Bihar State Seeds Corporation, get his dues

A former employee of the Bihar State Seeds Corporation, Patna, has
received his dues from his employers on intervention from the National
Human Rights Commission. The case relates to one Ram Babu Ravidas who
filed a complaint with the Commission in 2005 alleging that since May
1999 he had not been paid any salary. He had threatened to commit
suicide if the salary was not paid to him and requested for the
Commission's intervention.

Following this, the Commission directed that the complaint be
transmitted to the concerned authority for appropriate action and the
action taken be reported within six weeks. However, despite reminders
the Commission till recently did not receive any report from the
State. As a result, the Commission summoned Secretary, Department of
Agriculture, Bihar to appear before it on June 27, 2008. The
Secretary, Agriculture Department, Bihar, Shri C.K. Anil appeared
before the Commission today and submitted a report. He apologized for
the delay in submission of report and the inconvenience caused to the
Commission. The report submitted said that the affected, Ram Babu
Ravidas had been issued a Cheque worth Rs 1,08,401/- last month and a
letter had been sent to him in this regard.

The Commission observed as the necessary Cheque towards dues of the
complainant had been issued and sent to him, no further action was
called for and the case was now closed.

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